We are constantly learning about fraudulent efforts of internet thieves to steal personal information from law abiding citizens. To these criminals seeking to reel you in, it’s always PHISHING season. To help you to thwart these illicit attempts, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office would again like to offer some suggestions to safeguard your personal information:
• Do not provide information that a caller should already have. Phishers will ask for sensitive information that the real company would already have, such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and so on. Phisher email is generally not personalized, or if it is, contains only the same name you use in your e-mail address. Your real financial institution will already have your real name. 
• Be careful using links in an email to get you to another webpage. Call the company directly, use a bookmark, or type the address manually into the address bar if, after careful consideration, you think the e-mail might possibly be legit. Phisher e-mail can make a link look like it's legit but still take you to a false website.  
• Check your account regularly for suspicious activity. Don't let more than one month go by without checking your account activity. Check your paper statements or go online and look for unauthorized activity. If you see something that looks out of place, please call your financial institution immediately for assistance.
Unfortunately there will always be someone out there trying to find a way to take advantage of those who are unprepared. After all, there is truth in the old saying ..."If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."