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Qualifications - Deputy Sheriff

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    Individuals must be a US citizen twenty-one years of age or older.
  • Individuals must posses a valid Pennsylvania driver's license.  Out of state applicants must have a valid license in the state where they reside and must obtain a PA driver's license upon appointment.
  • Individuals must not have any prior or pending criminal record and/or conviction(s), other than minor traffic violations or have any pending civil actions.
  • Individuals must have a high school diploma or equivalent and advanced education or training within a certified law enforcement program, or a criminal justice degree (or related field of study) or a combination of the above.  Related employment can be substituted for education requirements.
  • Individuals must be in good physical condition.
  • Individuals must be able to complete the physical and education requirements for the position of Deputy Sheriff as set by the Deputy Sheriff's Education and Training board.  These currently include several physical fitness tests including a timed mile and a half run.  

All Deputy Sheriff's are required to attend basic training academy of 760 hours and attend continuing education courses of 24 hours every two years.  Deputy Sheriff's also attend various in-house training programs as determined by the department training division.  This includes firearms qualification twice every year.

To apply for a Adams County Deputy Sheriff position you must complete a Adams County Employment Application available on our Human Resource page.