Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids is a national, bipartisan, nonprofit anti-crime organization of more than 5,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, attorneys general and other law enforcement leaders and violence survivors.

Located in Washington, D.C., it operates California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington. It’s members include the top law enforcement leaders in the country, including presidents of many state and national law enforcement associations. Among our crime survivor members are the parents of children killed at Columbine and other school shooting sites, survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing, and many others whose tragic encounters with crime are well known.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids takes a hard-nosed look at crime prevention strategies, informs the public and policymakers about those findings, and urges investment in programs proven effective by research. The organization focuses on high quality early education programs, prevention of child abuse and neglect, after-school programs for children and teens, and interventions to get troubled kids back on track.

Funding for Fight Crime: Invest in Kids comes from foundations, corporations and individuals. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids accepts no funds from federal, state or local government agencies.

The Adams County Sheriff and more than 200 law enforcement leaders and crime survivors are members of FIGHT CRIME: INVEST IN KIDS support this program.

Deputy Phil Program

The Adams Count Sheriff’s participates in the Deputy Phil & Pals program which teaches elementary school children about such topics as stranger-danger, school bus safety, bullying (“Walk away, don’t spoil your day” and respect for others) and Safety, including gun safety (Eddie Eagle). Through the use of puppets, magic tricks, and activity booklets, children are taught that any time there is trouble to go to a deputy or the closest police officer or call 911 to stay safe. This program was designed for school children in Kindergartner through fourth grade and is available to all public elementary schools in Adams County. Any parent or teacher interested is asked to contact the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to arrange for a visit from Deputy Phil and Pals.

AdamsCountyTech Prep

The Adams County Sheriff is pleased to be able to participate in the Adams County Tech Prep planned program of technical and academic courses for students to pursue careers in a technical field. The Tech Prep Consortium participants include Conewago Valley, Fairfield, Gettysburg and Littlestown School Districts. What Programs are offered?Current offerings include Culinary Arts, Law Enforcement/Police Science, Allied Health, Diesel Mechanics, Building Trades Maintenance and Early Learning.

Earn College Credit. Tech Prep provides a smooth transitionbetween secondary and post-secondaryschools with no duplication of courses or lossof credits. Agreements are inplace whereby students are already earningcollege credits through their vocational program at Adams County Tech Prep.Additionally, new arrangements are being completed that will provide College in the High School Dual enrollment opportunities in all Tech Prep programs.

The Sheriff acts as a resource and provides guest instructors in the Law Enforcement/Police Science course of study as another community outreach effort by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

The Easter Bunny Foundation

The Easter Bunny Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support children’s hospitals and provide a personal visit and a toy from The Easter Bunny and the local Sheriff during the week of Easter to children in children's hospitals and pediatric wards. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is proud to voluntarily participate in this program. The excitement and wonderment that only a personal visit with the Easter Bunny can bring as well as being able to deliver a smile to all those who, we come in contact with is all the reward that we need.

Since we began this program, the Easter Bunny has hip-hopped his way through a number of venues in Adams County. He has visited children’s wards in local hospitals, non-profit groups working with disadvantaged and homeless children and even local nursing homes. It is one more Community Service provided by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.