August, 2010: Whether the location is a Courthouse, a School Building or any other public location, ACSO Deputies train to respond immediately to incidents involving Active Shooters.  

Officers from McSherrystown, Hanover, Conewago Township, Penn Township, West Manheim Township, Hamiltonban Township, the Adams County Sheriff's Office and LetterKenny Army Depot attended the ‘Active Shooter Training’ at Delone Catholic High School.
McSherrystown Police Chief Michael Woods and Adams County 911 Coordinator Donna Powers organized the two day event led by trainers Bob Parker and Don Alwes.
“Even though we hope that we will never have to face this type of violence, it is important that our officers are properly trained and prepared for these types of scenarios.” said Sgt. Kirkner of the Sheriff's Office.

Active Shooter training is a critical skill that police officers have to learn in the face of new threats of violence. From the Columbine High School shootings in 1999 to more recent incidents at Virginia Tech and other schools, this is much needed preparedness training. Entering a building during an active shooting incident requires specialized skills that include sweeping and clearing rooms rapidly. It also includes techniques for saving, securing and extracting victims from these critical scenes.


Four person team movement drill


Deputies restrain one subject as team keeps moving to     

  secure the area