The Heraldry of the Police Patch

Top: Sun setting behind the South Mountains; denotes the establishment of the area by James Gettys when the Nation was beginning to expand westward from the Susquehanna.

Shield: Gettysburg Police Department

Keystone: Represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Crossed Bayonets, Cannon Muzzle, and Three Stars: Denotes the most important event of the Town's history, the 3 day Battle of Gettysburg; the lettering speaks for itself.

Lower Panel: James Getty house (1780-1880), located 500 ft. northeast of the Square, in the area of Olinger's (formerly Codori's) parking lot. The Square with all roads leading into and out of, namely at that time, the York and Bonneautown roads, eastward, the Newtown (Carlisle) and Harrisburg roads north and northeast, the Shippensburg (Mummasburg) road northwest, the Chambersburg and Millerstown (Fairfield) roads west, the Emmitsburg Road southwest, the Taneytown and Baltimore roads south and southeast.

Trees, Shaft of Grain: Denote the town's location in the center of the fruit and agriculture areas.