Title Offendersort descending Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
RIAS, WALTER MIKE Jr. - Contempt Of Court RIAS, WALTER MIKE Jr. Bench CC-483-86 September 23, 1987
OUTLAND, LISA GEORGENE - Contempt Of Court OUTLAND, LISA GEORGENE Bench MD-687-07 October 22, 2008
RODRIGUEZ-BRACERO, ALBERTO - Driving Under the Influence RODRIGUEZ-BRACERO, ALBERTO Criminal CC-1141-02 July 26, 2004
THOMAS, MICHAEL ANGELO - Contempt Of Court THOMAS, MICHAEL ANGELO Bench MD-505-18 March 1, 2018
THOMAS, LATRICE DENISE - Contempt Of Court THOMAS, LATRICE DENISE Bench MD-80-08 February 11, 2008
KEATTS, CHARLES WILLIAM Jr. - Contempt Of Court KEATTS, CHARLES WILLIAM Jr. Bench MD-7100064-98 May 8, 2007
JONES, DONALD EDWARD - Contempt Of Court JONES, DONALD EDWARD Bench MD-2171-11 February 8, 2012
JONES, DONALD ROGER - Contempt Of Court JONES, DONALD ROGER CR-154-97 April 5, 2007
LEPIZ-GARCIA, JESUS - Driving Under the Influence LEPIZ-GARCIA, JESUS Criminal CR-816-12 September 20, 2012
LASHER, NICHOLE LYNN - Contempt Of Court LASHER, NICHOLE LYNN Criminal CC-491-95 July 15, 1999
RODBELL, CHARLES PAGE - Contempt Of Court RODBELL, CHARLES PAGE Bench MD-757-13 May 30, 2013
LAUCK, ROBERTA WINIFRED - Contempt Of Court LAUCK, ROBERTA WINIFRED Bench MD-1116-10 November 8, 2010
LAUCK, ROBERTA WINIFRED - Contempt Of Court LAUCK, ROBERTA WINIFRED Bench MD-1116-10 November 8, 2010
MALIK, TALIB HUSSAIN - Driving Under the Influence MALIK, TALIB HUSSAIN Criminal CR-1125-07 October 24, 2008
MALDONADO, FELIPE - Contempt Of Court MALDONADO, FELIPE Criminal CR-474-01 April 2, 2007
MABERY, JOCELYN MARIE - Simple Assault and 1 additional charge MABERY, JOCELYN MARIE Criminal CR-416-10; MD-1841-12 August 14, 2012
LUNA, GABINO ESTEVEZ - Driving Under the Influence LUNA, GABINO ESTEVEZ Criminal CR-175-02 March 10, 2003
WOLFRUM, CARL MARTIN - Altered and 2 additional charges WOLFRUM, CARL MARTIN Criminal CR-808-01 September 3, 2009
LEE, GEGORY LAMONT - Contempt Of Court LEE, GEGORY LAMONT Bench MD-822-15 May 21, 2015
CECIL, TIMOTHY ERIN - Contempt Of Court CECIL, TIMOTHY ERIN Bench MD-1957-11 January 5, 2012