Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept
LANGAS, SAMANTHA ELIZABETH - DUI Controlled Substance LANGAS, SAMANTHA ELIZABETH Criminal CR-985-18 July 8, 2019
CECIL, MARSHALL W - Contempt Of Court CECIL, MARSHALL W Domestic Relations DR-2-16 May 7, 2019
MOODY, RAYMOND LEE - CONTEMPT OF COURT x3 MOODY, RAYMOND LEE Domestic Relations DR-380-17;DR-602-04;MD-248-19 April 9, 2019
PENN, COLE THOMAS - Contempt Of Court PENN, COLE THOMAS Bench MD-404-19 March 25, 2019
TEW, CASEY WAYNE - Contempt Of Court TEW, CASEY WAYNE Bench MD-400-19 March 25, 2019
HUNT, RICKY LEE - False Identification To Law Enforcement; CONTEMPT OF COURT HUNT, RICKY LEE Criminal CR-771-18 February 28, 2019
FISSEL, MARK ALAN - Contempt Of Court FISSEL, MARK ALAN Bench MD-1501-16 January 17, 2019
TONEY, GLENN ALLEN - Contempt Of Court TONEY, GLENN ALLEN Bench MD-982-18 January 17, 2019
SNOOK, CARL TYRONE - CONTEMPT OF COURT X2 SNOOK, CARL TYRONE Bench DR-92-93; MD-2370-18 January 15, 2019
PEAY, MARQUIS AHMED - (1) Count of Contempt for Violation of Order (PFA Violation) X2; CONTEMPT OF COURT PEAY, MARQUIS AHMED Bench MD-13-19; MD-2321-18; MD-25-19 January 15, 2019
MEADOWS, KRISTEN MARIE - Contempt Of Court MEADOWS, KRISTEN MARIE Bench MD-2266-18 January 11, 2019
MARTIN, AMIE LAUREN - Contempt Of Court MARTIN, AMIE LAUREN Bench MD-2282-18 January 11, 2019
HENRY, DYLON GREG - Contempt Of Court HENRY, DYLON GREG Bench MD-2226-18 January 11, 2019
BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL - Contempt Of Court BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL Bench MD-2169-18 January 11, 2019
WAGAMAN, MIKEAL HARLAN - Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officer WAGAMAN, MIKEAL HARLAN Criminal CR-827-16 December 4, 2018
SMITH, JOAQUIN ANTONIO - Simple Assault SMITH, JOAQUIN ANTONIO Criminal CR-703-18 November 13, 2018
BECKER, AMY ELIZABETH - Contempt Of Court BECKER, AMY ELIZABETH Bench MD-1979-18 November 13, 2018
BROTHERS, JOELENE - Contempt Of Court BROTHERS, JOELENE Bench MD-2215-15 October 25, 2018
PAGAN, MICHAEL Jr. - Contempt Of Court PAGAN, MICHAEL Jr. Domestic Relations DR-162-17 July 24, 2018