Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issued Holding Dept
MUNSTER, ANDREW JOSEPH - Contempt For Violation Of Order Or Agreement MUNSTER, ANDREW JOSEPH Bench MD-1016-14 April 24, 2014
CARPER, ROBERT WILSON - Dui CARPER, ROBERT WILSON Criminal CR-137-18 February 5, 2018
SMITH, DAVID JOSEPH - Contempt Of Court SMITH, DAVID JOSEPH Bench MD-638-11 July 7, 2011
MALDONADO, FELIPE - Contempt Of Court MALDONADO, FELIPE Criminal CR-474-01 April 2, 2007
Ferguson, Megan Elane - DUI Controlled Substance 286-27-43-2 - Ferguson, Megan Elane Criminal April 11, 2008
HICKS, ZACHARY KENNETH - THEFT BY UNLAWFUL TAKING (MOVAVLE PROPERTY) and 1 additional charge HICKS, ZACHARY KENNETH Criminal CR-179-18; CR-593-17 October 10, 2019
WEAVER, TRACY LYNN - Dui WEAVER, TRACY LYNN Criminal CR-272-13 September 17, 2015
DIAZ, ROBERTO VILLANUEVA Jr. - Contempt Of Court DIAZ, ROBERTO VILLANUEVA Jr. Bench MD-1029-16 December 12, 2017
GLACKEN, JOSHUA ALLEN - Contempt Of Court GLACKEN, JOSHUA ALLEN Bench MD-648-16 February 5, 2018
ORDONEZ-VERGARA, MARIO DANIEL - Intimidation of Witnesses or Victims ORDONEZ-VERGARA, MARIO DANIEL Criminal CR-843-10 September 7, 2010
James, Shawna Lee - Theft By Unlawful Taking and 1 additional charge 425-59-50-4 - James, Shawna Lee Criminal October 2, 2015
MABERY, JOCELYN MARIE - Simple Assault and 1 additional charge MABERY, JOCELYN MARIE Criminal CR-416-10; MD-1841-12 August 14, 2012
HURLEY, JAMAL CHARLES - Defiant Trespass HURLEY, JAMAL CHARLES Criminal CC-701-93 November 7, 1997
SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II - Contempt Of Court SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II Bench MD-1883-18 October 10, 2019
THOMPSON, JAMES PIERRE - Possession With Intent To Deliver THOMPSON, JAMES PIERRE Criminal CR-55-13 September 13, 2016
GRUBBS, STANLEY HOUSTON - Contempt For Violation Of Order Or Agreement GRUBBS, STANLEY HOUSTON Bench MD-1465-14 July 31, 2014
BECKER, AMY ELIZABETH - Contempt Of Court BECKER, AMY ELIZABETH Bench MD-1979-18 November 13, 2018
Painter, Pamela Marie - Contempt Of Court 404-48-50-1 - Painter, Pamela Marie Bench MD-2626-14 November 13, 2014
LUNA, GABINO ESTEVEZ - Driving Under the Influence LUNA, GABINO ESTEVEZ Criminal CR-175-02 March 10, 2003
SMITH, BRYAN DONALD - A Contempt For Violation of Order of Agreement SMITH, BRYAN DONALD Bench MD-1830-14 July 31, 2014