Title Offender Type Docket No.sort descending Date Issued Holding Dept Purge Amount
MEADOWS, COURTNEY RENEA - Contempt Of Court MEADOWS, COURTNEY RENEA Bench MD-3169-14 January 8, 2015
WICH, NICHOLAS GEORGE - Contempt Of Court WICH, NICHOLAS GEORGE Bench MD-390-13 March 19, 2013
WILLIAMS, ALVIN IRA - Contempt Of Court WILLIAMS, ALVIN IRA Bench MD-394-13 March 19, 2013
TEW, CASEY WAYNE - Contempt Of Court TEW, CASEY WAYNE Bench MD-400-19 March 25, 2019
PENN, COLE THOMAS - Contempt Of Court PENN, COLE THOMAS Bench MD-404-19 March 25, 2019
THOMAS, MICHAEL ANGELO - Contempt Of Court THOMAS, MICHAEL ANGELO Bench MD-505-18 March 1, 2018
BRIGHAM, STEVEN M Sr. - Contempt Of Court BRIGHAM, STEVEN M Sr. Bench MD-510-17 May 16, 2017 $650
SANCHEZ, BETH ANN - Contempt Of Court SANCHEZ, BETH ANN Bench MD-629-09 June 29, 2009
SMITH, DAVID JOSEPH - Contempt Of Court SMITH, DAVID JOSEPH Bench MD-638-11 July 7, 2011
JAKOBS, DIETMAR - Contempt Of Court JAKOBS, DIETMAR Bench MD-686-17 May 16, 2017
OUTLAND, LISA GEORGENE - Contempt Of Court OUTLAND, LISA GEORGENE Bench MD-687-07 October 22, 2008
CHARNEY, JOHN - Contempt Of Court CHARNEY, JOHN Bench MD-691-18 May 21, 2018
KEATTS, CHARLES WILLIAM Jr. - Contempt Of Court KEATTS, CHARLES WILLIAM Jr. Bench MD-7100064-98 May 8, 2007
THOMAS, MICHAEL GERALD - Contempt Of Court THOMAS, MICHAEL GERALD Bench MD-743-09 July 6, 2009
RODBELL, CHARLES PAGE - Contempt Of Court RODBELL, CHARLES PAGE Bench MD-757-13 May 30, 2013
THOMAS, LATRICE DENISE - Contempt Of Court THOMAS, LATRICE DENISE Bench MD-80-08 February 11, 2008
LEE, GEGORY LAMONT - Contempt Of Court LEE, GEGORY LAMONT Bench MD-822-15 May 21, 2015
NOWAK, KIM PATRICIA - Contempt Of Court NOWAK, KIM PATRICIA Bench MD-867-13 May 31, 2013
Blackburn, Michelle - Probation Violation and 1 additional charge Blackburn, Michelle Bench MD-971-14 May 14, 2015
TONEY, GLENN ALLEN - Contempt Of Court TONEY, GLENN ALLEN Bench MD-982-18 January 17, 2019