Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort descending Holding Dept
BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL - Contempt Of Court BONNETT, DEVON MIGUEL Bench MD-2169-18 January 11, 2019
MEADOWS, KRISTEN MARIE - Contempt Of Court MEADOWS, KRISTEN MARIE Bench MD-2266-18 January 11, 2019
MARTIN, AMIE LAUREN - Contempt Of Court MARTIN, AMIE LAUREN Bench MD-2282-18 January 11, 2019
TONEY, GLENN ALLEN - Contempt Of Court TONEY, GLENN ALLEN Bench MD-982-18 January 17, 2019
HUNT, RICKY LEE - False Identification To Law Enforcement; CONTEMPT OF COURT HUNT, RICKY LEE Criminal CR-771-18 February 28, 2019
PENN, COLE THOMAS - Contempt Of Court PENN, COLE THOMAS Bench MD-404-19 March 25, 2019
TEW, CASEY WAYNE - Contempt Of Court TEW, CASEY WAYNE Bench MD-400-19 March 25, 2019
CECIL, MARSHALL W - Contempt Of Court CECIL, MARSHALL W Domestic Relations DR-2-16 May 7, 2019
PRYCE, ERROL ANTHONY Jr. - Dui and 1 additional charge PRYCE, ERROL ANTHONY Jr. Criminal CR-1145-13;CR-913-13 August 15, 2019
HILTZ, JOHN ROBERT - Resisting Arrest and 1 additional charge HILTZ, JOHN ROBERT Criminal CR-499-18; cR-474-19 August 27, 2019
FELTON, MELVIN PRIDE - Aggravated Assault (causes or attempts to cause bodily injury with a deadly weapon) FELTON, MELVIN PRIDE Criminal CR-649-10 August 27, 2019
MASON, DIANA R - SIMPLE POSSESSION MASON, DIANA R Criminal CR-449-19 September 5, 2019
LLOYD, WILLIAM Jr. - Resisting Arrest and 1 additional charge LLOYD, WILLIAM Jr. Criminal CR-240-18, MD-1447-19 October 1, 2019
CECIL, MARSHALL W - Contempt of Court Domestic Relations CECIL, MARSHALL W Domestic Relations DR-2-16 October 2, 2019
HICKS, ZACHARY KENNETH - THEFT BY UNLAWFUL TAKING (MOVAVLE PROPERTY) and 1 additional charge HICKS, ZACHARY KENNETH Criminal CR-179-18; CR-593-17 October 10, 2019
SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II - Contempt Of Court SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II Bench MD-1883-18 October 10, 2019
NIEVES, TRENT ALLEN - Contempt Of Court NIEVES, TRENT ALLEN MD-2261-18 October 10, 2019
SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II - possession of paraphernalia and 1 additional charge SHELLEY, WILLIAM HENRY II Criminal CR-374-19;MD-1883-18 October 25, 2019
POWELL, LUKE EDWARD - Forgery POWELL, LUKE EDWARD Criminal CR-367-19 October 25, 2019
REDDING, THOMAS NATHAN - Unauthorized Use of Auto;Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID) REDDING, THOMAS NATHAN Criminal CR-1453-17; CR-1454-17 November 6, 2019