Fraudulent Activity Reported

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office has been notified by a local business of a Scam being perpetrated here in Adams County by an individual using the name of Mark Davis and claiming to be a Deputy Sheriff working for our office. This subject had told this business owner that he has an outstanding warrant issued by the Adams County Court of Common Pleas. And made an attempt to have the business owner pay him with a cash card voucher.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office does not conduct business of this sort over the phone and anyone contacted by this or any other individual concerning warrants from this office should not comply with the persons request.

If you are contacted with this scam please report it immediately to either the Adams County Sheriff’s Office at (717) 337- 9828 or to the law enforcement agency in your immediate area.

It is my understanding that Franklin County has also had a series of similar incidents where a subject is posing as a Franklin County Deputy Sheriff using the same name of Mark Davis. 

Thank You,

James W. Muller,

Sheriff of Adams County