Crisis Intervention Team Training

May 8, 2019 -- Deputies from ACSO joined other Law Enforcement Officers, from around the area, as the newest members of the Adams County Section of the South Central Region Police Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).

Congratulations to Deputy Timothy Beall, Deputy Joshua Galemore and Deputy Shawn Masucci. They join Deputy Rudy Hansen and Sergeant John Wega, who both completed this training in 2015.

On 10 July 2015, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 25 of 2015 into law.  This law will require Municipal Police Officers' Education & Training Commission (MPOETC) “to provide training for police officers with respect to recognition of mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and autism, provide techniques to interact with and de-escalate individuals engaging in behaviors indicative of mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or autism, and to receive instruction on services available to individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or autism.”

In reporting on this law, which took effect on 10 October 2015, news outlets, specifically ABC27, stated that the “Gold Standard” for this type of training is the Crisis Intervention Team training.

CIT Officers are a select group, highly skilled and specially trained to intervene with individuals with mental illness and other behavioral health issues that are in crisis.  The emphasis of training is on mental health knowledge, verbal de-escalation and crisis resolution skills and access to community services.  To understand more about CIT, please visit the web page